Wheel Balancer with Monitor Touch Screen Boxer S1950 P


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Boxer S1950 P Touch Screen Monitor Wheel Balancer, ideal for facilitating and speeding up the work of balancing on wheels with a maximum diameter of 1050 mm and shaft diameter of 40 mm. Touch screen monitor with intuitive graphical interface Laser pointer to identify the right weight location. Balance speed < 200 rpm. Dimensions 1313 x 868 x 1834mm. The Boxer S1950 P Touch Screen Wheel Balancer Monitor is Touch Screen with GOLD GUIDE GUI GUIDE. Particularly sought after and used by workshops and tires that require an easy-to-use machine with high technical and mechanical performance. Durable and great aesthetic impact. The “easyWeight” laser pointer is designed to mark the exact point of positioning adhesive weights on the rim. Inserting the diameter distance of the rim and inserting the width is semi-automatic via the 2D Smart Sonar measuring arm. The Boxer S 1950P Touch Screen Monitor Wheel Balancer has a semi-automatic “easyALU” preselection system of balance mode. A lighting system points directly into the circle, allowing you to insert and position your weights more quickly and accurately. Ergonomic and easy to reach weights by the user. VPM measuring technology for uncompromising precision. QuickBal control system to minimize measurement times: Start cycle time – Minimum stop of only 4.5 seconds. (rim 15 inches). Torque control with Power Clamp instead of quick ring device. The Boxer S1950 P Touch Screen Wheel Balancer has a shaft length of (225 mm) allowing the use of thrust flanges and other accessories for all wheel types. EASYALU, involves touching the rim to set the rim size and choose automatically