SIP 05227 Airmate Saturn 2008-500F Screw Compressor


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Can Run For 24 Hours Without A Drop In Performance Over 95% Of Air Intake Is Delivered To The Tank 400v (20amp) 3 Phase Supply Powerful 20hp Motor Low Noise Designed for continuous usage in demanding environments this compressor can be run for 24 hours without a drop in the performance. As the compressor is quieter than a standard compressor you can install the machine closer to the working area. With over 95% of the air intake being delivered to the tank you get greater efficiency and lower energy consumption than a standard piston compressor. Requires a 400v (20amp) 3 phase supply this machine has a powerful 20hp motor. **Stationary compressors must be fitted with anti vibration mountings, please see accessories tab for the correct mountings (sold separately).