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Sports style seat.
Integrated head for greater protection of the head.
The shoulder mount especially designed for optimum side support.
Extendable cushion that allows a stronger grip, which decreases the tension
The musculo and allows fast changes of pedal.
The position of the cushion reduces the vibrations of the road.
Has pasacinturones that allow the use of 3 belts and 4 points.
Adjustable reclining with handling in both sides.
Recaro style XL: 60 mm + High that Recaro style. Backrest + 40 mm.
The head rises approximately 20 mm.
Adjustable side fastening: Side, to prevent the muscle tension.
Lumbar support through the Recaro Airmatic system: Individual adjustment
Of Chambers of air (Electric) For The adjustment of backrest.
Head Fully upholstered, adjustable in height and tilt for a
Greater protection of the head.
Armchair Extendable: Better grip to reduce the muscle tension.
Screw to adjust the backrest on both sides (Electric Adjustment If
Choose the package comfort).
Lever for tripping the seat in both sides to facilitate the operation.
Optional climate Package: Integrated heating in the chair and
In the backrest, which relaxes the muscles in the cold days.
The Recaro vent system ensures that the seats are
Dry Even In The Hottest Days.
Model: AM19 style
Termination: topline leather black
Reference: rec269.41.1541
Side: Pilot