Hanna Multiparameter Water Quality Portable Meter


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The HI 9828 Multiparameter meter with GPS receiver monitors up to 13 water quality parameters.
Measurements include pH / pH/mV / ORP / % saturation DO / mg/L DO / EC / absolute EC / resistivity / TDS / salinity / seawater specific gravity – atmospheric pressure and temperature.?
?It is water resistant and easy to use and the ideal solution for field measurements of lakes rivers and sea.
The microprocessor based multi sensor probe makes it possible to measure all the parameters necessary to evaluate the water quality.?
?It is also possible to use the same probe with different meters without the need to recalibrate the system.
Up to 13 parameters can be enabled and seen on the large graphic display with backlight.
All readings can be memorised and associated to a precise sampling area thanks to the i-Button system and the remarks that the operator can insert before or during measurements.
The same data can be plotted on the meter and also downloaded to a PC by means of USB connector and HI92000 Windows compatible application for successive elaborations.
The setting menu can be protected by password to avoid not authorized modifications and the help function is always available to explain the selected function – operation or message.
?Key features:
Field replaceable sensor modules for DO / EC and pH/ORP
5 interface lanGauges: English / Spanish / French / Portuguese / Italian
Graphical display with backlight
GLP features
i-Button system to remark the sampling area
Up to 60000 samples stored in 100 different lots
Four 1.5V rechargeable batteries
Batteries recharged from mains power supply and from cigarette lighter
Password protection
USB for PC connectivity
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