Electric Hydraulic Car Lift Bridge Monofase 2 Columns Independent Zavagli Z63m/3sl Capacity 3500 Kg


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Single phase electro-hydraulic bridge lift 2 independent columns Zavalle Z63M/3SL Load 3500 kg, ideal for lifting cars and vans with weight less than 3500 kg. Thanks to this robust bridge lifter, perform mechanical and bodywork repair work on cars or small vans, it becomes particularly practical, easy and convenient; excellent solution to optimise your working space and time. The space-saving shape and the closing system of the lifting arms, makes it possible to position it even in small metric environments. The bridge for single phase electro-hydraulic car lifts 2 independent columns Zavalle Z63M/3SL Load 3500 kg is completely safe and easy to install, even by skilled staff who are unexperienced. Excellent ease of use and load of the car, thanks to its two telescopic arms. Particularly appreciated for the possibility of lifting both low-height cars from the ground (Jeep, Vans, MPVs) and “sporty” cars as the minimum floor space of the adjustable lift arm with double rubber feet. Support snails in self-lubricating and anti-wear material. To better protect the health of the user, the leg bridge comes with a “foot guard”, which prevents accidental crushing of the foot from the arm when the leg is dropped. This safety lock system is made possible thanks to an electrical device installed on the bridge column. The sliding of the lifting trucks for single phase electro-hydraulic cars 2 independent columns Zavalle Z63M/3SL Load 3500 kg, takes place on wheels and telescopic arms. The latter have a finecorge rotation locking device, which prevents the start of the bridge rise if they are not perfectly positioned. The lift allows the reversibility of the load, simplifying the manoeuvres of cars within the workshop. Another car