Airwin Scroll KC 5


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‘Scroll compressors uses: hospitals, medical technology and research facilities (your laptop can breathe medically pure compressed air) This is a type of rotary compressor, with a spiral walls with them, which are all moved 180 degrees are locked up safe and sound. You, the depending on the capacity sizes of “Crescent thickening chambers to and turn in, or the come rotation all over again. This enhances the air compression. The most important features of this type of compressor are very low vibration and noise. Our scroll element is of ANEST IWATA from Japan as a manufacturer is the first oil-free scroll compressor in the world. Why Did We oil-free scroll compressors selected? 1 Clean Air (clean print air) 2 Low Maintenance Costs 3 energy saving 4 risk management 5 Quiet operation.