Airwin Quiet Running Air Compressor Oil-Free 4×1,5 kW/400 V (with Schaltel Electronics Soon Off-Set Tarnish Pump Group – 8 bar/150L Litre Pot, 1000 L/Min Suction Power


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The 150th OLD20X4 °C stationary quiet compressor is ideal for applications Suitable oil-free clean compressed air need and at the same time a lowest possible volume is needed. For use with for example in the industry, dental, workshop, etc, thanks to the 400 Volt connection and the quiet operation the compressor is also be used in the office or buildings or for individual purposes. A Schaltel electronics makes sure that the individual pump groups will Zeitversetzt tarnish. The maintenance of the device is by eliminating the oil change much easier to and Umweltschonender than Ölgeschmierten compressors. The common areas of application include the food industry, for e.g. bakers or breweries, printers, Textilrei Nigungen, dental technician, dental lab, the advertising industry, electrical engineering, paint shops or others. Angelie This is the device ready to use straight from the box. Product uses conforms to CE in Europe, a TÜV type approval is included (like the picture in the description). The condensate drainage is located on the bottom side of the boiler and can be used to let out a single handle.