🐠 Best Fish For a 5 Gallon Tank

🐠 Best Fish For a 5 Gallon Tank

The 5 Gallon Tank is a great product for your home, it is compact and easy to transport as well as as a decoration in your home or desk. Today we will provide you with the Best Fish For a 5 Gallon Tank in the most detailed and easy to understand. Read through the article and get ready for the very cute fish for your aquarium.

What is The Best Fish For a 5 Gallon Tank

Endler’s livebearer

Poecilia wingei, known as the Endler or Endler, of the genus Poecilia, originated on the Paria peninsula in Venezuela.

Scientific name: Poecilia wingeiLayer: Class of ray finned fishSurname: The GrouperHigher grade: PoeciliaSet: Toothed Carp SetIndustry: Vertebrates

White Cloud Mountain minnow

The white rattan is a species of fish in the family Cyprinidae, they are bred and bred as aquarium fish with two preferred variations, the yellow cloudfish and the purple rattan fish. southeast China. The habitat of white rattan fish in spring water sources is abundant with shallow vegetation.

Scientific name: Tanichthys albonubesLast name: Carp familyLayer: Class of ray finned fishHigher grade: TanichthysGender: AnimalsSet: Carp Set

Siamese fighting fish – Betta fish

Siamese fighting fish is a common name for some species of Betta genus including Betta splendens, Betta imbellis, Betta mahachaiensis, Betta smaragdina; mainly refers to B. splendens. They also have other names such as Siamese fighting fish, Siamese fighting fish. The name of this genus is derived from ikan bettah.

Scientific Name: Betta splendensLifespan: 3 – 5 years (In captivity)Length: 7 cm (Mature)Upper Class: Betta FishNumber of eggs spawned: 10 – 40Conservation status: Endangered (Decreased) The Encyclopedia of Life

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Dwarf pufferfish

Carinotetraodon travancoricus is a small freshwater fish endemic to Kerala and southern Karnataka in southwestern India. It is threatened by overfishing and habitat loss. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has assessed the species’ conservation status as potentially threatened.

Scientific name: Carinotetraodon travancoricusLast name: Pufferfish familyGender: AnimalsConservation status: Endangered (Decreased) The Encyclopedia of LifeLayer: Class of ray finned fishUpper grade: Carinotetraodon

Banded panchax

Translated from English – The banded killi or panchax is a species of fish in the Nothobranchiidae family, a species of fish that lives in Africa, and is native to freshwater habitats in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in West Africa.

See original descriptionScientific name: Epiplatys annulatusSet: Toothed Carp SetUpper Grade: Chi EpiplatysFamily: NothobranchiidaeLevel: Species

Danio margaritatus

The pearl paradise fish is a species of fish in the genus Danio. This is a rare fish with a colorful color. Usually live in small ponds created by groundwater or in small streams coming out of streams. They are also known as Hoa Si Tran Chau Dang.

Scientific name: Danio margaritatusUpper class: DanioSet: Carp SetSpecies: D. margaritatusLevel: Species

Harlequin rasbora

The hippocampus is a ray-finned fish of the genus Trigonostigma.

Scientific name: Trigonostigma heteromorphaLast name: Carp familyUpper layer: TrigonostigmaLayer: Class of ray finned fishSet: Carp Set

Cherry shrimp

Cherry shrimp, also known as red shrimp or Cherry shrimp is one of the diverse species of aquatic shrimp in the Neocaridina family. They are one of the favorite aquatic shrimp for their vibrant color.

Scientific name: Neocaridina davidiHigher grade: NeocaridinaLevel: SpeciesFamily: AtyidaeMinistry: Armor ten feetGender: Animals


Lobster is the name for freshwater crustaceans like small lobsters, taxonomically, they are members of the superfamily Astacoidea and Parastacoidea. They are native to North America and have up to 500 different species.

Length: 18 cmSymbol of: LouisianaLayer: Soft ArmorGender: AnimalsIndustry: ArthropodsMinistry: Armor ten feet


Goldfish are small freshwater fish that are often kept as an aquarium. Goldfish are one of the earliest domesticated fish and today remains one of the most popular aquarium fish for both indoor and outdoor aquariums.

Scientific name: Carassius auratusLast name: Carp familyLayer: Class of ray finned fishGender: AnimalsIndustry: VertebratesSet: Carp Set

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Neon tetra

The Blue Neon or Common Neonatal Fish is a freshwater fish in the Characidae family, distributed in South America in the Negro and Orinoco river basins, and favored as aquarium fish. Blue neon fish is the most popular type of neon fish currently chosen to keep in aquariums.

Scientific name: Paracheirodon innesiUpper class: ParacheirodonSet: Fat carp setLevel: SpeciesFamily: CharacidaeGender: Animals

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Least killifish

Heterandria formosa is a species of fish that lives in the Poeciliidae family. This is the same family that includes familiar aquarium fish such as guppies and mollusks. Heterandria formosa is not as commonly kept in lakes as these species.

Scientific name: Heterandria formosaHigher grade: HeterandriaSet: Toothed Carp SetLayer: Class of ray finned fish

Honey gourami

The honey goby fish, the scientific name Trichogaster chuna, is a tropical fish in the suborder Anabantoidei and is often kept as an ornamental. This fish is often found in rivers and lakes in Asia. It originated in India and Bangladesh. It lives in dense, wooded areas in temperate and poor waters.

Scientific name: Trichogaster chunaLast name: They are Fish ear statueUpper class: ColisaSet: Set of copper perchLevel: Species

Amano shrimp

Caridina multidentata is the name of a species of shrimp in the Atyidae family. It is native to Japan and parts of the Korean peninsula and Taiwan. It has common names such as Amano shrimp, Yamato shrimp, Algae shrimp, and Japanese shrimp.

Scientific name: Caridina multidentataUpper class: CaridinaMinistry: Armor ten feetSubphylum: CrustaceaSubdivision (infraordo): CarideaFamily (familia): Atyidae

African dwarf frog

Hymenochirus is a genus of amphibians in the family Pipidae, belonging to the order Anura. This genus has 4 species and is not threatened with extinction.

Scientific name: HymenochirusSet: Set without tailGender: AnimalsIndustry: VertebratesUpper class: Pipidae

Sparkling gourami

The dwarf barfish or the dwarf carp, the dwarf Guppies, is a species of fish in the Trichopsis genus Trichopsis distributed in Southeast Asia, from Myanmar, Thailand to Vietnam and the Malay Peninsula. Record of the presence of this species in the islands of Sumatra, Borneo and Java in Indonesia.

Scientific name: Trichopsis pumilaUpper class: Pearl bar fishConservation Status: Little Concern (Stable) Encyclopedia of LifeLevel: Species

Boraras brigittae

Mosquito carp, also known as the chili carp, is a species of fish in the Boraras genus belonging to the family of native carp in Southeast Asia, distributed in Indonesia. Habitat in black waters in forests, peat swamps.

Scientific name: Boraras brigittaeUpper class: Chi BorarasSet: Carp SetLast name: Carp familyGender: AnimalsLevel: Species


Guppies are one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish in the world. It is a small member of the Giant Friar family and, like the rest of the family, they are the type of fish that spawns.

Scientific name: Poecilia reticulataSet: Toothed Carp SetHigher grade: PoeciliaLevel: SpeciesWorld (regnum): AnimaliaFound in: Lake Naivasha, Pandan Reservoir

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Pygmy corydoras

The small rat fish is a tropical and freshwater fish in the Corydoradinae subfamily Callichthyidae native to inland waters of South America, and is found in the Madeira River basin in Brazil. They are favored for keeping as aquarium fish.

Scientific name: Corydoras pygmaeusHigher grade: CorydorasSet: Catfish SetSet (ordo): SiluriformesSubfamily (subfamilia): CorydoradinaeLevel: Species

What are the factors to choose Best Fish For a 5 Gallon Tank?

Normally, the most suitable way to choose the most suitable aquarium fish is 4,7,9. All three of these numbers are considered golden numbers. Most colors choose lucky colors such as red, white, black. For example, 6 red ones and 1 black ones, in which red ones are needles, black ones are aqua needles. Number 6 and number 1 combine to create number 7, which means great luck.

Choose koi fish through the appearance.

Always check if your fish looks strong and healthy, by watching the fish swim back and forth and see if the fish mixes with the fish.

Are your beautiful aquarium fish friendly when someone comes into contact? Some fish may be shy, so you like to choose fish that are close to the water, they interact with you and other fish. Of course there is no reason not to choose a bit shy fish, you will train them in a new tank to make them more brave.

Observe how beautiful scenes swim and check out the shape of the fishObserve how to choose beautiful aquarium fish when swimming starts, where it ends, how high and low to swim … because fish can suffer from air bubble disorder.

Next, check the quality of beautiful aquarium fish by examining the respiratory organs, koi can be infected with gill flukes then the gills will be red and possibly only in one gill. Do not buy fish if there are any problems with the respiratory organs.

Next is to check the fish’s body. The skin doesn’t scratch and scabs are fine.

Pay attention to the colors of beautiful aquarium fish, and as they grow beautiful they may change their colors. If you choose a small fish that is dark orange and black, chances are that as it grows up it will become orange and red. If you buy large koi you will not have this problem. The value of koi depends on the color, so prepare your money to buy a large quality koi.

Finally pay attention to the proportions of the length and width of the koi. The stomach should not be too wide, it should fit neatly between the pectoral fins and the ventral fins. The back of the fish should be smooth and the face clearly defined.

See beautiful fisheye

If it is a bubble goldfish, the bubble must be soft, slightly transparent, the left and right sides are symmetrical, not saggy. If it is a blue arowana, the right eye socket is clearly visible, the sides of the eye are symmetrical. For tidal fish, the ankle must move upwards at an angle of 90 degrees, the sides of the eye symmetrical.

Beautiful fish tail and back view

How to choose beautiful aquarium fish with aquarium fish so that the eggs must have a smooth, smooth back, no backbone. With ornamental fish, the fish’s dorsal fin should be tall, large and straight. The green arowana should also have straight fins.With spawning fish, the fish tail must be short, wide and flat, and thin and soft. For ornamental fish, the caudal fin should be large, broad and flat. With the blue arowana it must be big, wide and flat. In addition, the goldfish’s tail fins should be longer than their body length.

See beautiful fish shapes, scales and colors

A goldfish is said to be beautiful if it has a neat body, not too fat, not too thin, no injuries or diseases. With ornamental fish, the fish must be short. With five-color fish, the color must be bright, the pattern is clear and evenly distributed all over the fish.Fish scales must be even, clear, not peeling.With monochromatic fish, the color must be pure, not feeling mixed. For bicolored fish, the color patches must be similar. If it is a five-color fish, should use blue as the background, other colors must be complete. Also choose a fish that quickly fades, if it is a black fish, choose a dark black one, if it is red, choose a fiery color.

See swimming posture of beautiful aquarium fish

Careful and steady up and down, a straight and steady swim, without fluctuations is a good fish. Conversely, if the fish is slow to respond, possibly dark, with small speckled or patchy white membranes on it, it is the sick fish.

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